Claudio Marzollo has lived in Cold Spring since 1976 and has amassed 26 years of service on Philipstown's Recreation Commission. For many of those years, he has acted as Chairman, and, in 2008, the Town recognized his contribution by naming its community center after him. Claudio's position made him an ex officio director of the Land Trust when the organization was founded two decades ago, but he soon was elected a board member in his own right, and for many years, he has served on the Executive Committee as well. "I've seen the Land Trust grow from a mostly volunteer effort into a first class, professionally staffed outfit," he says. "And it's a good thing, too, because over those twenty years, development pressures have intensified, and the Land Trust needs all the professionalism it can bring to bear on the task of preserving the natural beauty and rural character that make our community unique."

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