Light Pollution Reduction Campaign

Over the past several years, HHLT has been working to raise public awareness about the increasing problem of light pollution in the Hudson Highlands, and its serious implications for our quality of life. We started with an informational campaign to educate residents, contractors, and municipal officials. This included the distribution of a 100 pairs of free light shields to reduce light trespass across property lines caused by bare bulb floodlights. HHLT also published a lighting resource guide, which provides both residents and their electrical service experts with ideas for reducing light pollution, as well as shielded lighting fixture alternatives.

In addition to these initiatives, we’ve provided municipal leaders across the Highlands with "model" lighting code from New York State and the rest of the country. As comprehensive plans are updated and zoning code is revised across the Highlands, communities are looking for direction in creating code that promotes sensible lighting, and reduces our growing light pollution problem.

HHLT strongly encourages each municipality to seek its own solutions, saving energy and money, while allowing all residents to once again see the stars clearly at night.

Dark Sky Friendly Resource Guide pdf file ( 272k pdf)