Mission Statement

The Hudson Highlands Land Trust is a community-based organization devoted to protecting the natural resources, rural character, and scenic beauty of the Hudson Highlands. Our members recognize the importance of the Hudson Highlands as an area of great natural resources, scenic beauty, historical significance, and cultural heritage.


HHLT Vision

Inspired by the grandeur of our natural surroundings, we dedicate ourselves to preserving a landscape that is essentially rural and breathtakingly beautiful. The centerpiece of our vision is the majestic Hudson River, bounded on each side by a verdant valley, rugged mountains, and large stretches of connected open spaces that sustain our native species. Pristine streams and wetlands, forests and meadows, hills and dales, and other natural areas coexist peacefully and contribute to the health and sustainability of our communities. Man-made structures blend harmoniously with the natural surroundings, receding from view and posing no threat to the natural environment. Areas of concentrated development are limited to villages and hamlets, designed for efficient and pleasant community living within walking distance to necessary services. The landscape remains sufficiently intact to evoke the setting of the nation-shaping events that transpired here in the 18th and 19th centuries and to contrast vividly with the suburbs that have crept ever closer in the 20th and 21st centuries.

We advance our vision for the Hudson Highlands in two principal ways. First, we serve as the region’s primary agent for preserving open space by negotiating land-preservation agreements with property owners and by accepting voluntary donations of land. Through ongoing advisory efforts and cooperation with allied land-preservation organizations, we expand the network of connected public and private lands within the Hudson Highlands. Second, the land trust educates the public to secure the enactment of wise policies and laws. Accordingly, we engage in public discourse, advise local and regional officials, and work with like-minded organizations to raise awareness of land-use issues.

Achieving our vision is possible only through collective action. We therefore invite concerned citizens and allied organizations to join with us.

Mission Area Map pdf file (304k pdf)

Conserved Land (as of 2008) pdf file (3500k pdf)