Zoning and Land Use

Today, municipalities are faced with the task of updating their zoning code and land use regulations to implement the goals of newly adopted or revised comprehensive plans. Whereas the comprehensive plan serves as the residents’ vision for the municipality’s future, ideally striking a suitable balance of economic vitality with protection of natural resources and community character, the zoning and land use regulations direct how this balance is to be achieved in each community.

The Hudson Highlands Land Trust works closely with municipal officials and planning professionals, to provide advice, assistance, and expertise in environmentally-conscious land use practices, natural resource protections, and zoning "best practices." We provide guidance to municipalities wishing to craft zoning and land use laws to accommodate smart growth that is aligned with their Comprehensive Plan’s goals; preserving quality of life for current, and future generations, of residents.

Municipal Reports

Current Zoning Law and Land Use Regulations for the towns and villages within our mission area are available on e-code.


Town of Philipstown Buildout Analysis
(10/06) pdf file(3.6mb pdf)

Town of Philipstown Comprehensive Plan
(Adopted 03/06)

Town of Philipstown Natural Resources & Open Space Plan
(Adopted 1/09) pdf file(3.4mb pdf)

Town of Philipstown Open Space Index
(Adopted 1/09) pdf file(1.6mb pdf)

Town of Putnam Valley Comprehensive Plan
(Adopted 12/07) pdf file(4.4mb pdf)

Town of Highlands Comprehensive Plan
(Draft) pdf file(3.1mb pdf)